Because of COVID, many organizations have had difficulty in maintaining the normal tasks that they would normally accomplish. This of course, includes nonprofits, and are arguably among the most damaged by the pandemic. Many nonprofits have had difficulty reaching out to their regular donors, reaching out to their communities, or just performing their usual tasks outright.

To give these struggling nonprofits more ways to contact their donors and communities, our team decided to give these nonprofits more channels to contact their donors and communities, through more powerful forms, and QR Codes. Giving these nonprofits these forms and QR codes gives them more ways to reach out, and can even improve their image as well. The forms can be designed to suit any nonprofits needs, and the QR codes can be used to give those familiar with today’s technology a way to connect with the nonprofits.

With these methods, nonprofits will be more connected with their donors and communities than ever, and with time, may even be able to resume their usual activities during the pandemic.

Meet Our Team

Robin Whitesel (Designer,Contact, Senior Computer Technology @ Ball State)
Robin worked largely as the contact between Morning Light and our team. She worked on the TypeForm for Morning Light and was a member of the Pro Squad.

Zhiyuan Wu (Software Engineer, Junior Computer Science @ UofMN)
Zhiyuan worked between Go & Pro Squads and researched for tools & tech stack for solution.

Alie Brown (Project Manager, Senior Marketing and Operation in Supply Chain Management @ University of Indianapolis)
Alie was assigned to the Go Squad. She conducted meetings, used video making software, and worked on the Environmental Analysis, Value Proposition Model, and the Business Model with the rest of the Go Squad.

Henry Jiang (Business Development, Senior Information Systems @ IU Bloomington)
Henry worked to create the Environmental Analysis and the Business Model Canvas, and was a member of the Go Squad.

Tyler Metheny (Business Analyst, Junior Financial Economics @ Wabash College)
Tyler was a part of the Go Squad and worked on the business side of the project. He also helped within the presentation.


We began with many ideas and a completely different vision. Once getting stuck, we reached out to our coaches. Our coaches were able to help find an organization in the Indianapolis area that needed help during this time. Our team had interest in helping people and ended up landing on Morning Light as an organization. We shifted our ideas and were able to be successful.

  • Morning Light rely heavily on in-person visits
  • Morning Light had few to no recent images of their home
  • Morning Light wanted to make their application more personal

Based on the request of Morning Light, we worked with their problem. Morning Light has had trouble bringing in new residents during the time of Covid as they cannot allow anyone to visit the home. They were searching for a personal way to introduce them to the home from a virtual standpoint. We decided for our time that we could not tackle all of the requests but found a way to make a change.

We bounced around many ideas of how to help Morning Light and decided on this solution because it allowed a personal touch for the applicants. This form is designed to ask the personal questions that would typically be asked during the tour as well as providing images from the home to help ease applicants into this difficult change. It is not designed to be the primary application but rather an additional one to add personal details.

Technical Details

We primarily used TypeForm to create the design of the form, while using the built-in Google Sheets integration to create a spreadsheet for Morning Light to print out for on-paper uses, and created a QR Code using QRCode Monkey for their brochures and other needs.

Development Process

Based on initial environmental analysis, along with direct input from our coaches, we started out working on a web app to integrate social media platforms and track donor engagement analytics, while deciding between Wix and React.

However, struck by a lack of response from the surveys we sent out or a focused & compelling direction in terms of features, we scraped the initial web app idea after talking to a contact that our coach was able to provide us with at Morning Light, a terminal care organization, who happens to be struggling with their existing in-person intake process while having vulnerable residents during the pandemic, so we decided to digitize the process for them. Our Pro Squad considered both custom solutions using React and Google Forms, but neither were able to highlight the humanity and personal qualities while still having the simplicity of a simple form, until we stumbled upon TypeForm, an easy-to-create form platform with modern layouts and fluid interactions. Despite being a minimally technical solution, we iterated through a few designs and showed them to Morning Light and it turns out to suit their need perfectly well, while having other integration features that would facilitate their future plans for expansion, some of which we have already added upon their request, including exporting to Google Sheets, the ability to embed a form in their existing website, and many more we did not include in this project such as ZenDesk for live chats or Google Analytics, due to limitations in the free plan of the platform.

Future Plans

We first plan to embed the form onto Morning Light's website. Additionally, in accordance with Morning Light's plan for expansion, we plan to create more flexible forms to further automate the application process and building more integrations such as Google Analytics to see how to best reach out to prospective residents and Zendesk to offer applicants live support when necessary.

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