We are a team of students at the University of Washington majoring in Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE). In HCDE we take into consideration human factors and figure out ways we can make products more user-friendly for people. Often times, this means we have to conduct a lot of usability research before we execute projects in order to ensure that the user needs are reached. With a background in designing for the user, we were inspired to create a persona generator website, in which people can input attributes into a form and we extract Facebook data to create persona profiles that people can use for their research and development. The target audience for this website is anyone who is interested in designing for the user and anyone who is looking to design for a broad audience with various backgrounds and experiences.

We are most proud of the use of the Facebook Graph API mashed with the Random Face Generator API. We drew user information from Facebook feeds and were able to find generalizations of the data in order to create a targeted user persona. Paired with this data we got a random face that would be associated with the data. To continue this project, we would make the face match the user information better. We would also make filtering options more refined and add to the code to parse through the Facebook data more intelligently - pull more important data to make the personas with.

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