Imagine having your personal concierge that will suggest, plan out and book your travels. All through natural language as it's powered by AI. No one dealing with crappy phone support or clicking through ad-infested travel websites. Talk to Perry and let him handle it!

What it does

Natural language chat not that can suggest, display and book flights and travel packages.

How I built it

The AI is powered by's NLP system which parses what the user has spoken or typed into intent that we can action. The flight searches are done via QPX and travel packages are sourced through Expedia.

Challenges I ran into

Training the bot to understand human speech that can be I putted in a variety of ways was by far the largest challenge. It's impossible to handle all the edge cases in 48 short hours so there's plenty more phrases to train.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to craft a beautiful interaction that makes searching for flights as easy as talking to your friend.

What I learned

Be realistic about what's achievable in 48 hours and aggressively cut scope to the bare minimum viable feature set and polish the heck out of the experience!

What's next for Perry

We're going to continue training the AI so that it can comprehend a breadth of user interactions and launch it as a mobile app product.

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