Originally I came inspired to write a similar permit program for logistic companies. This initial interest is what had drawn me to this great idea created by Leroy and Brian from the Marine Corp. It was a perfect fit.

What it does

Creates a web portal for accessing the Marine Corp permit data. U.S. Marines enter their permit application data into an app (To be developed soon) which is stored in a SQL database for real-time data access, no more paper! Marines are able to submit and sign, via the DocuSign API, and have their superior sign their permits through the web portal. These permits populate PDF documents that can be sent / printed/ or reviewed from the browser.

How I built it

I used my experience in the ASP.NETCore and SQL server environments to bring Brian and Leroy's idea to life. I started with reading their permit forms and learning what data the U.S. Marines need to have stored in the first place. I then built a database environment that could host the programs functionality. From then on I learned how to use a number of APIs to make the experience easy to use.

Challenges I ran into

I have never used DocuSign; I have never programmed a PDF; I was unfamiliar with Marine Corps Permit workflow. The DocuSign API was the easiest to learn because of their absolutely BEAUTIFUL Restful API. PDF programming was a little more challenging. It was difficult to find an updated and accepted free PDF api for C# .NET core. Once I found one, it was another challenge to integrate the SQL back end with the PDF front end result. Thanks to Brian and Leroy, I was able to become very familiar with the Marine Corp Permit process. This clarified many questions and streamlined the development process. They were able to provide me with all kinds of documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The software accomplishes the original goal and has brought more to the table. I now understand the DocuSign API and have familiarized myself with PDF generation in C#. Both APIs I have been wanting to get into for a few months and have done nothing with them until now.

What I learned

A lot. I still continue to further my understanding of the .NETCore framework. My MVC design methods are still improving based on many best practices I researched during this hackathon. All the new APIs I mentioned above are now new tools on my developer belt I can bring to many of my other applications. Each new problem I approach with a SQL server solution introduces new design techniques and this one was no different. I faced a unique problem I had never faced before, and I had to design around contexts I previously had no experience with.

What's next for PermitPalace

Mobile App implementation; Full Web Portal Account permissions structure; Add more permits to the pool. There are a number of things to accomplish still before it can be reliable used in the field listed above. This application's core purpose was accomplished, but that does not mean it is completed. More is to come.

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