Listing your token has always been a difficult process especially for a non-technical person. An easy UI like DTRADE will enable token to token swaps and creation and management of permissionless reserves using Kyber Network’s smart contracts.

What it does

Enables anyone to contribute liquidity to Kyber easily through a created simple UI

How I built it

Adobe XD

Challenges I ran into

Understanding user flow, having to simplify the steps and lessening the number of clicks for the listing process to be done.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Difficult listing and trading processes are now much more simplified

What I learned

Learning to do complicated trades first myself, before understanding how to simplify it

What's next for Permissionless Orderbook Reserve Interface

Technical implementation: Looking for someone to make this UI go LIVE New model I'm thinking about: Having the reserve creator can put KNC in there for tx fee so that users do not have to hold KNC to buy their tokens.

Built With

  • adobe
  • adobexd
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