Lightstreams: Document Management for Microinsurance

This product has been developed using Permissioned Blocks technology. You can read more in the following white paper:

White Paper - Permissioned Blocks

Demo Highlights:

  • Flexible and agile document workflow management to streamline the underwriting process.
  • Document files are securely attached to smart contracts.
  • Automatic payout of insurance claims
  • Low operation costs. No blockchain (gas) fees.
  • Highly scalable. Max throughput of 10,000 transactions per second (using Tendermint consensus engine).
  • Decentralised solution using a folk of IPFS for the secure storage of smart contract state information.
  • Compatible with any Turing Complete blockchain (e.g. Ethereum, Hyperledger). Decoupled and modular design.

Run Demo

A docker image has been created as the easiest way to run the demo, with all the environment settings setup for you. If you don't have Docker installed on your machine follow these instructions here.

Then run the following command:

$ docker run --name device-1 -p 3001:3001 -p 4001:4001 -e LOCALHOST="" -e IPFS_SWARMHOST="/ip4/" autocontracts/permissionedblocks 

This will host the contract-manager on port 3001, and IPFS on port 4001. Make sure that you do not have a firewall blocking these ports and they are open.

To clean up:

$ docker stop device-1
$ docker rm device-1

If you want to create another docker container running on the same machine, then:

$ docker run --name device-2 -p 3002:3002 -p 4002:4002 -e LOCALHOST="" -e IPFS_SWARMHOST="/ip4/" autocontracts/permissionedblocks 

To clean up:

$ docker stop device-2
$ docker rm device-2

The demo uses LinkedIn OAuth as the method for logging into the digital identity manager and registering your device. You'll have to create a dummy LinkedIn account (if you don't have two) in order to test registering another identity, granting permissions and transferring ownership. A more decentralised registration option can be added.

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