Perma-books is a dApp that provides permanent decentralized archival solution for publications, compositions, and literature. This platform is a simple and effective way to store data forever on-chain without paying incentives on a regular basis!


As years pass by, we tend to forget the old literature and resources that helped us a lot as we grew up. These data can easily be lost or erased if not maintained regularly. We searched for multiple solutions but everything has its own downsides. We wanted a solution that can store data permanently without even having to be maintained or incentivized frequently.

What it does

Perma-books provides a user-friendly UI experience to store data directly hassle-free. First, the user connects his polygon wallet to the website and then he connects his account to any one of the public bundlr networks. After connecting, One can easily upload any files from his computer and bundle them instantly once the transaction is signed. It may take a few minutes to deploy it on the chain. As soon as the files are deployed we receive the transaction ID, through which we can directly access the data via

How we built it

Perma-books is powered by Arweave and bundlr network. It has a next.js app with a react frontend that makes use of chakra-ui design system. The file gets stored in remote arweave nodes permanently. Thanks to the documentation and resource materials. It made our work much easier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're excited as this is our first blockchain project. It was quite challenging to understand and work with the new technologies. But we started the project and worked on it with determination to complete it in a short span of 4 days. It was really amazing to see the application turn out the way we expected it to. Thanks to Arweave!

What we learned

We learned various concepts underlying Arweave and bundlr network. We also learned to use a new javascript component library chakra-ui. We experimented in creating wallets in metamask and arweave, archiving webpages using arweave, and much more.

What's next for Perma-books

Perma-books has the potential to rapidly advance as our team of engineers always work towards bringing more advancements and innovations for the betterment of this world. Educational videos or images can also be bundled in the bundlr network and saved on-chain using Arweave.

Finally, we'd like to thank the developers of Arweave who provided instant support when we faced problems. The amazing documentation of Arweave and bundlr helped us to work on our project with ease. It was a wonderful development experience as we look forward to integrating many of our blockchain applications using Arweave because of its versatility and flexibility to be able to work with multiple chains.

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