We started to use Appian in January and we have worked in two different developments. And now we are looking for challenges in order to learn to use and apply different features within Appian.

What it does

The whole purpose of this application is to make easier the booking, rooms management, and services request within an hotel.

One of the most attractive features in Appian is the task management between users or user groups and we wanted to explode it. So, we created different groups that may exist within an hotel and assigned differents kind of services/incidents each group can do or solve. For example, each time a guest makes the check-out for a room, a task will be assigned to the "Cleaning group". Until this task is fulfilled the room will keep unactive. Once the room is cleaned, its status will change to "Active" and will be available again on the interface where the receptionist can select a room.

How we built it

The development consisted of 3 different stages:

1.- Database modeling. 2.- Interfaces development. (Using SAIL) 3.- Processes Modeling.

Challenges we ran into

To analyze, design and construct a complex process flow. Taking into account all the variables and entities that are affected when a room becomes available or not.

Accomplishments that we're proud of.

We created a complex application with plenty of features in less of 3 weeks.

What we learned

We had to create expression rules that fulfilled our requirements and with that, we got the chance to practice and learn another functions within appian. We also used different kind of Api's and that helped us to have a better understanding of how integrations are used within Appian.

What's next for PERLA

Add features of the new version of Appian because for this application we were limited to the version 18.4. We want to make another kind of integrations to make the app more useful.

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