We looked at different technologies that would be available for us to utilize in our hack and things that interested us were the Arduino, servo motors and a combination of linear algebra and web applications.

The Hack

We wanted to create a combination of software and hardware for our hack that utilizes linear algebra paradigms to create facial recognition software. We wrote the script in Python and wired it to an Arduino to simulate a course of action should an "intruder" be found (face not recognized).


The plan was to have a web app interface that could allow users to take pictures of themselves in various angles and facial expressions to allow them to store their facial data in a database so if the software did not recognize them, then it would take action.

The course of action we originally planned on was to have a Nerf gun shoot the intruders, but being tight on time and resources we were restricted to an LED flashlight mounted on a small servo motor to simulate "shooting" the intruder.


All in all it was an incredibly fun experience. For 3 of us it was our first hackathon and we definitely consider it a success, being able to undertake such an ambitious project and finish it in just 36 hours. We definitely look forward to our next hackathon together to create even more impressive and innovative hacks -- and with more experience next time!

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