Just imagine that an honest Producer wants to educate Consumers about a new product, its ingredients, distinctive features, as well as to send some video-advice. Usual consumer desicion-making time is 2-5 sec., the majority of people need some appealing arguments to pay more attention and learn about the product at the decision-making point. How to motivate them? Give some perks! Send 20-30-50 cents directly to their mobile wallets immediately after watching the video. Allocate more reward for healthier products thus strengthening consumer loyalty. Banks are not involved. Retail chains are not involved. Only direct communication between the Producer and the Consumer.

What it does

A mobile app enabling producers of goods to instantly reward consumers for reading product info and watching short video on their mobile phones. More rewards for healthier products! Changing consumer motivation and behavioral model.

How I built it

Pretty quickly in several weeks. Just because my team found my idea pretty cool, and I had a clear vision on the app architecture... And we were extremely motivated: we want to learn about healthy products, see the difference, and get perks from Producers whose goods we usually buy.

Challenges I ran into

Due to COVID-19 I can't freely communicate with the team, so everything is done without leaving the kitchen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just in few weeks I have a fully-functioning mobile app that changes the way how a producer will communicate with consumers globally and build loyalty to healthier products.

What I learned

Build a fully-functioning app first. Don't waste your time for ppt. presentations, the web-site, and establishing a legal entity: not any Producer will pay for it. They want to see a fully-functioning app.

What's next for PerkMeUp

To implement more complex logic in the blockchain smart contract allocating rewards based on multiple factors important for the consumer, motivating sensible product choice and building loyalty.

Built With

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posted an update

Successfully cracked Pringles-Chips: 5053990107384 from the Atrify API provided by AutoID Labs. Not all product info is available at the moment. However, we can see the Nutri score = "D", and we believe that we can receive the Nutri score for some healthy products = "A".

This proves our idea that our smart contract can allocate more Perks reward for the healthy products with the score "A", and very minimum reward for the product with the score "E". This will definitely make difference to the consumer and build loyalty to healthy products.

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