Every student knows the pain of sending in a half-edited essay at 2AM because they're too tired to accurately review their work. In general, we're all very poor judges of our own work, but we often don't have willing friends/teachers/parents/uncles at hand 24/7 to edit our writing. That's where Perkins comes in: a platform where one can crowdsource feedback and suggestions for their essays.

What it does

Anyone can submit an essay and receive suggestions on it from other users. A credit system was put into place to prevent abuse and incentivise others to offer high quality, genuine feedback.

How we built it

With node.js, mongodb, front-end web technologies, and a lot of caffeine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For four of us, this was our first hackathon ever! We're proud that we were able to stay focused and deliver a project in such a limited timeframe.

What we learned

Debugging is important.

What's next for Perkins - Peer Editing, Gone Digital!

We want to improve the queue system to better prioritize which essays get reviewed, and we also plan to improve the credits system and allow for multiple reviewers.

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