PERĪTIA was inspired by the desire to create a transparent and simple way for the customer to track the progress of its assignment and to easily communicate with the lawyers. The idea was to create a tool, which enhances the user experience of legal services and at the same time makes project management easy for the customer and the lawyer.

What it does

PERĪTIA is a project management tool for legal services. It allows both, the lawyer and customer to access it. This makes it easy for the customer to track the progress of the project. The lawyers also benefit from this, because they can work more efficiently with the customer’s legal issue without having to answer the customer’s progress related queries. PERĪTIA helps the lawyers to create a more people friendly customer experience.

How I built it

We used paper prototyping, digital prototyping and after that we made it using web development tools. Also we used version control for team work, and we deployed the website. The pitch deck was done with a graphic design tool.

Challenges I ran into

Working in a team was a challenge and some compromises had to be made.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created an interactive website, brand and a business model prototype in such a short period of time.

What I learned

A lot of new skills, management in a interdisciplinary team and that under time pressure things can be either organized or falling a part.

What's next for PERĪTIA

The current prototype of PERĪTIA is the first version. The plan is to develop it further and add some more features. A communication tool is supposed to be added to PERĪTIA so that the customer can effortlessly contact the lawyer and present questions without having to write an email or pick up the phone. Also a future will be added, that ceases the progress in part of one task if the task requires some additional documentation etc. from the customer. After the progress is ceased, the lawyer defines which document it needs in order to continue working. Then a notification is sent to the customer with a request to deliver the required documents and the customer can upload the document directly to the platform. This speeds up the process.

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