Taking group photos is a frustrating experience. Who should take the photo? Is everyone in the frame? Eyes open? Timer?

PERISCOPAGRAM makes taking photos easier by turning your Android Wear device in to a beautiful remote view finder. With PERISCOPAGRAM you can easily layout amazing group photos, take stunning selfies and capture concerts just a phone's height higher.

PERISCOPAGRAM is ridiculously easy to use. Anyone who's got an Android Wear device can start using PERISCOPAGRAM and learn it in minutes. But as things go in photography, there are infinite possibilities for experimentation and trying new things.

To make this all possible PERISCOPAGRAM makes extensive use of the limited Android Wear APIs. PERISCOPAGRAM uses Bluetooth Low Energy to push video data to the Wear device in real time. We are proud of our video technology which features a staggering frame rate of 30 fps.

The Android Wear API didn't have any existing implementation of video processing or streaming so we took the challenge and created our own. Our video technology makes it possible to stream any kind of video to the Android Wear device with a range of 50ft at 30fps.

The Android Wearables app space is an emerging market with extremely few apps, most of which are purely gimmicks.

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