Often women lost track of their period cycle and monthly cycles due to busy schedules and various responsibilities. PeriodPal is a friendly web application that helps in tracking down the period cycles and even predicts monthly mensuration dates.

What it does

The web application consists of 4 sections broadly

  • Home: where user can enter their period start date and fix their period length and monthly cycle
  • Calendar: Which predicts period dates for each month so that user cannot miss out on any dates!
  • Log + Pal Bot: User can enter their period log here consistently and PalBot is a chatbot for users to discuss any issues related to mensuration.
  • FAQ: This includes basic Frequently Asked Questions related to menstrual hygiene.

How we built it

We built using HTML,CSS and JavaScript. The ChatBot was built using Dialogflow, we tried to design our web application more user friendly and making it more mobile responsive!

Challenges we ran into

  • It was our first time working with chatbots, Thanks to the google cloud challenge, we got motivated to make a chatbot we went through many youtube tutorials to make a bot using dialog flow and was able to make a simple one using few intents.
  • Our timezones, we both team-mates were of totally different time zones but yet we managed to maintain our flow of work

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are really proud of the Calendar Section of our webpage, where we were able to pull of on how to predict cycle lengths and period lengths of each month.
  • Our designs, basically our webpage is more mobile-oriented than a laptop! , we made our web application more responsive keeping in mind about UX/UI experience.

What we learned

  • We learned many things one of which technically includes the chatbot using dialog flow, a section we didn't think of to work on, Thanks to FemmeHacks and sponsors we came across various Google Cloud products and Dialogflow was one of them and we were able to add it.
  • Design Thinking, one of the most concentrated aspects of our web application was our designs!

What's next for PeriodPal

  • Working more on the log section
  • Integration of Chatbot in the web application
  • Real-world deployment of PeriodPal and the Pal Bot

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