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Every other girl in a third-world country suffers from acute stress, insomnia, and hypertension once their menstrual cycle starts and they experience periods for the first time because they are shunned from the regularities. 23 million women in India alone, are affected negatively as they find it hard to manage themselves and face adversity in presence of poor health and hygiene mainly arising due to poor socio-economic backgrounds and cultural taboo. Considering how taboo the topic is, women and children do not raise doubts or discuss this topic. This raises the need for a unified platform worldwide to bring together society as a whole to spread menstrual health knowledge and awareness and provide women with a platform to get help and communicate with others so that they can share their problems and feel heard.

Project Name - PeriodAid

What it does

  1. Chatbot - Answers questions using NLP Api for questions related to the topic at hand i.e female genitalia and its routine functionalities.
  2. Community Forum - To write/write/comment on blogs related to information/success stories/cure to a condition/ suggested medication or good health practices.
  3. General Discussion - Open-ended server discussions on different topics at the same time all across the world using Google Sign In to avoid language abuse or misbehavior.
  4. Private Support - Private support application and meeting rooms feature for special needs patients to connect to a doctor or a specialist.

All these help in learning, communicating, and understand problems, and providing viable solutions to promote better menstruation hygiene.

How we built it

Front End - ReactJS, HTML Templates BackEnd - Node, Firebase

  1. Chatbot - API
  2. Community Forum - Firestore database
  3. General Discussion - Firestore database
  4. Private Support - Firestore database + Node

Challenges we ran into

  1. Anonymity for general discussions but also to ensure no misbehavior is entertained. (Resolved) 2.Verification of blogs before posting. (Future Scope)
  2. Real-time private chat room meetings.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

End-to-end chat applications for public and private discussions, chatbot to provide brief knowledge instantly, community blogs, and comment section to share thoughts and ideas in greater depth.

What we learned

Socket programming and firebase email verification.

What's next for PeriodAid

  1. Access locations of people in need for location tracking to supply products like pads, sanitary items through volunteers following a supply chain.
  2. Multi-lingual support for people from remote parts of the world to connect.
  3. Messages of General discussion in firebase can be hashed rather than storing raw data.
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