ME: The New Period-Tracker

Welcome to your new period application, ME.

ME, is bringing the ME back in MEnstration.

No need to track on your personal spread sheet or flimsy paper notebooks details about your period.

ME at DivHacks is the first iteration of what one day will be the next revolutionary period tracker app that will allow menstrators to extensively customize it, allowing each menstrator to have a unique experience. We believe everyone's mensuration and experience with it is unique, and a period app tracker should reflect that.


As two menstrators, we were tired of having trackers that were buggy or too limiting in their tracking. We wanted to feel free and track what we wanted how we wanted.


We learned how to integrate python code from a flask app onto html pages. From a first hand account, we now understood the differences between being a front-end and back-end engineer. From a front-end size, we learned how to display basic things like text and buttons on an HTML page. From a back end perspective, we attempted to take in input from the HTML page and store it in a database. We also gained experience coding in vim.

Currently, we are stuck on having our database that was created store values inputted from our HTML files. After several attempts at changing the input type, the database itself, and where certain pointers are located, we are still unable to store our information.


We made a flask app in python that integrated code from a front-end HTML page.


Working remotely forced us to understand Github and ensure all our changes were committed. At first, we had problems syncing our versions, but after a couple of different attempts, we figured out how to make it work!

We also struggled changing our vim interfaces to be more color-coded. Sedona had already made a file to customize the interface, but Gabbie had problems implementing it on her machine. However, at the end we both had colorful vim interfaces that made it easier to code.

Additionally, we struggled integrating the database onto the flask app to store user data. We want to manipulate the data that users give on the HTML page, but extensive research on the back-end integration was required to understand how this could be implemented.

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