My inspiration was my final project for WOMS314, for this final we are choosing a woman/feminist issue and explaining how we would demonstrate it in a digital sphere ie website, app, blog, digital zine etc. And so I figured if I have the chance to connect this issue because of how it impacts all people who menstruate locally, but also has such a broad global reach then I should.

What it does

This site provides information on what Period Poverty is and what some of the biggest communities that are impacted the most, and it touches a bit upon the harmful sides of it. One issue with Period Poverty is the lack of menstrual knowledge so on the site it provides a list of some of the most common period products, and information to compare to the others. So that people can make an educated guess on what they might be interested in the most. And one of the last portions I have was what made me thing this topic could overlap was how this is seen locally in Newark. At UD there are numerous places on campus that offer free products in some of the bathrooms. And when I was thinking of my site ideas for my WOMS project a key aspect was providing places that offer free products. With better resources I would hope that the dropdown for locations could provide other local places that are more public and not just at UD. So I thought to implement a space for user input so they can add a spot.

How we built it

I built it similar to how we are currently making things in CISC275, so I used React but I mainly used Chakra to help build my components.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges I ran into was I tried to imbed a video source which would have been a source for my other project, but the YouTube video didn't link properly. And right now the video is on the left of the screen, but I had tried a very large number of times to try to find the right way to align it to center while keeping the embed working. But I couldn't get it right so it looks a little wonky. My user input implementation also does not completely add the new location and clear the input boxes to potentially add a second location and so on. But I also just didn't think I would have the time to fully work that issue out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud that I made a semi decent looking project with different components on my own and was able to think of an idea that can be used for my other classes project.

What we learned

I learned that it is very challenging to make a site look visually appealing, and that I even with that I really enjoy making interactive sites.

What's next for Period Poverty

I had wanted to implement a map feature similar to a restaurant search where based on a location it will provide markers for the different spots. And I was going to do it based off all the locations. But I wasn't sure how to make the address get the latitude and longitude needed to make it work, and most users wont know that kind of info. So I would hope with enough time I could accomplish that, since I think a map would be really useful.

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