One of our group members was very dedicated to the subject, because he already knew quite a bit about security. Thus, he was interested in creating a better, more secure environment for airports.

What it does

We built a drone that is capable of securing a perimeter around an un-fenced airport and keeping un-wanted intruders out. This drone would have sirens, spot lights, a camera, and a net on board. These drones securing the perimeter would do one full run of the perimeter and land to wirelessly charge. The drone would have special code to be able to detect animals, people, and drones autonomously. This would alert the person on-duty or on-call via a cell phone or computer. On the computer you would be allowed to take control of the drone via a flight stick and access the situation. On your cell phone you would be able to see the camera feed and be able to briefly access the situation and be able to get help if needed. The drone's lights and sirens would be able to be remotely triggered to scare away deer and other intruders. The net would allow the drone to be able to try to stop other drones from intruding on the property.

How we built it

We first got the rasberry pi set-up with a monitor and downloaded software. Then, we got all of the arduino tiny circuits shields and built them together. After that, we accomplished getting the joystick to have drivers for the rasberry pi. Using this we completely rebuilt the drone body that was given to us. We made it so that we could run the drone off of the arduino and connect wirelessly through the rasberry pi.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging thing we ran into was understanding the hardware and how to have two different pieces of hardware communicate with each other over Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our main accomplishment was actually being able to build a small proto-type even though we did not have the resources to be able to run the programs that the real world system would do.

What we learned

During this course of 3 days, we learned about many hardware items such as arduinos and raspberry pis. While we are still not fluent at using these items, I can say with confidence that we learned a lot about the input and output pins of both items.

What's next for Perimeter and Tracking Security Drone

What's next for our project? Who knows? We believe this could be the answer to airport perimeter security. We would like to further develop prototypes with an emphasis on better hardware and software before it begins production.

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