With the pandemic striking the globe significantly, it's pretty evident that the post-COVID workplace won't be the same as it used to be with dedicated working hours-based company culture. The scope for remote work has drastically increased, requiring enhanced methodologies for fostering productivity in our works/projects. While working from our homes, we often face difficulty in drawing boundaries between our personal and professional lives resulting in a higher amount of stress, lack of motivation, and ultimately lower productivity in our results. To overcome this, I have developed the Productivity Enhancer app to help the employees in building clear boundaries, enhancing their overall physical and mental health, and at the same time leading to more productive outputs for the company.

What it does

Select Productive Hours & Enjoy Life Past Them!!!

The Productivity Enhancer app asks the employees to fill a form during their joining with some basic details namely Name, Email, Team, Role along with the time frame during which they find themselves to be most productive. The time frame is currently classified into three categories:

  • Morning (9 AM - 12 PM)
  • Afternoon (12 PM - 3 PM)
  • Evening (3 PM - 6 PM)

This question is followed by a series of checkboxes comprising of one-hour breakdowns during which the given employee prefers to work. [This is expected to be taken in multiple Time Tracking formats in the future for more customized options]. It's currently suggested to check a minimum of 5 checkboxes corresponding to 5 dedicated hours of work, but it can easily be altered based on company needs. After filling in this information, the employee can submit the form. The HR or the manager is then notified via a custom Email about the employee joining their team and a message is posted inside the #team(can be configured) channel of the specified workspace.

The intuition behind this is to make the working hours of an employee[within set boundaries of the company] transparent to the team so that they would not interrupt their fellow teammate during their recreation time. Any employee can see the details and the working hours of any other employee of the same company from the dashboard. They can then schedule meetings and interact accordingly[A feature to auto-schedule meetings based on the matching working hours is the next milestone here].

Apart from this, the employees can also gather insight into the productive hours of all the employees via the visualizations option available in the dashboard. Currently, the bar chart and the donut chart is available inside the visualization dialog with an option to download in PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG format or to print the same.

The HR and the managers can also use this dashboard to gather insights into the working hours of their team members allowing them to take intelligent customized decisions accordingly.

How I built it

I built the front-end in React JS and used Graph QL to fetch the data from the Monday Apps server via the SDK. For generating the visualizations, I used the DevExtreme package available for React.

Challenges I ran into

I was new to native apps development so was pretty unsure about how to proceed, but the starter videos by staff and the documentations were super helpful. A big round of applause for that! :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Developed my first App
  • Written my first Graph QL query

What I learned

  • Views, Widgets, and Integrations
  • SDK and the capabilities available with the same
  • Graph QL

What's next for Productivity Enhancer

  • Auto Meeting Scheduler given the list of participants
  • Search by Name feature in the dashboard
  • Filter by Team feature in the dashboard
  • Graph QL query optimizations
  • Time Tracking for customized time inputs instead of specific hours
  • Reminders for switching between personal and professional life
  • UI update

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