We believe a great user experience comes along waiting as short as possible to get a response. Within restaurants, it doesn’t make sense to wait till the waiter is available, especially when you are in a rush.

What it Does

How great would it be as a restaurant’s client to order and pay whenever you want, no need to wait for the waiter to be available. How great would it be as a restaurant’s owner to increase user experience and decrease ongoing costs.

Instead of having a tablet and a payment terminal at each table, with Pay’n’Go clients can order and pay from their own devices.

Identified Market Segment

All kind of restaurants. Specially franchises as Pay’n’Go can offer analytics to control and monitor sales at different locations.

Added Value

  • Increase incomes
  • Increase user experience
  • Secure online payments
  • Analytics
  • Decrease waiting time
  • Decrease costs

MVP Testing Instructions & Features

  1. Go to
  2. Input the table # (to be automated leveraging QR codes).
  3. Input the Quantity on each of the Menu items you want to order.
  4. Click Submit.

This will place an order to the restaurant and will confirm once your food is ready.

What’s Next for Pay’n’Go

  • Integrate Credit Card Payments that authorizes credit card and direct payments processing.
  • Add an interface for user sign up & payment info.
  • Integrate database to manage menu items and prices.
  • Integrate QR code automatic input for ‘Table#’ Textbox.
  • Add an additional workflow step for the user to provide feedback.

How the Project was Built?

Pay’n’Go demo is built with Appian and leveraging Groups, SAIL Interfaces, & Process Models.

Challenges I Ran Into

Since this is our first experience using Appian, we found hard at the beginning to know where to get started at and to determine all the capabilities Appian has. Once we look at the documentation and tutorials we realized how flexible the platform is.

Accomplishments that we are Proud of

We learnt and built this demo in just three days. The Appian tutorials are self-explanatory and the Appian community is very collaborative.

What we Learned

We got to know for the first time Appian platform and its capabilities. We realized is a great platform to digitize business processes. We built this quick demo in a couple of days. The platform is very flexible as allows to integrate web APIs and some many integrations.

Projected Use-Case

Alice wants to have a quick brunch before jumping back into class. There is this restaurant across her campus she loves but she is worry about the timing. She also remembers the restaurant has just implemented a new payment method so she decided to give it a try.

When she walks in she noticed there are a couple of waiters and right on the table she sits, there is a stamp containing a web link and a QR code. After accessing the link (and only as a new user) she needs to register and upload her card info. Then the menu will pop up and she will select items she would like to order and submit it. She will then get a status and an estimated time for her order to be ready.

Once the order has been submitted, the chef and waiter will get a notification. Once her order has been cooked, the waiter and Alice will get a notification and her brunch will be right at her table.

Best part, once she’s done she just walk away and arrives on time to her class. Either she or the waiter can end up her status’ order and the payment will get charged at Alice’s credit card automatically. No need to wait longer.

Built With

  • appian
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