As a group of students we find our selves working in front of a computer for a long period of time. In this time we have all come prone to leaning over our computers with bad posture, this can lead to long term back problems.

What it does

We have made use of the TI cc3200's accelerometer to measure pitch. With the sensor attached to someones back or shoulder, we can identify if someone is leaning over the computer. The sensor acting as a piece of wearable technology which could be incorporated into jewelry or a t-shirt The data is uploaded from the TI to M2X cloud. We have written two applications that make use of the data uploaded to the cloud:

  • An application which runs in the background of OS X, which dims the screen of the computer when the user shows signs of bad posture.
  • A website that acts as an interface of the device. The website has a profile which can show live data from the device and shows progress with the user's extended use.

How we built it

  • The OS X app was built with swift, and taps into M2X to pull data.
  • The website was mainly constructed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. JavaScript was used to connect to the M2X api to retrieve the data that was uploaded from the TI. We also made use of JavaScript to create graphs using chart.js.

Challenges we ran into

At first we ran into some physical limitations with the boards and their limited sensors. We therefore pivoted from a Taxi-Calling Application into a wearable device to help a programmers biggest health issue - poor posture. Some software difficulties we ran into were integrating M2X into our web application and understanding it's API documentation as well as porting that data into a beautiful graph in Chart.js.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a proof of concept working, where we have multiple components of the project working together seamlessly. The TI CC3200 talks to M2X --> From M2X we have two applications that pull data and successfully show a prototype of our concept.

What we learned

IoT has a lot of of potential. We learnt how useful cloud services such M2X can be to allow us to upload data to and distribute into multiple applications.

What's next for PerfectPosture

The idea can be expanded to many other markets, than just office workers. For instance the concept of measuring posture can be applied to people who go to the gym often and want to make sure they have good form, or it can help older people who might want to keep an eye on their posture.

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