DuckHacks 2019

Perfect Pitch is a project intended to improve intracompany communications by giving employees a platform to pitch ideas to their superiors. If they see inefficiencies in their department, have proposals to improve company culture, or need to request more resources, they can quickly and efficiently put together a streamlined project pitch. Those who agree with the project pitches can upvote their favorites to make it more visible to supervisors.

PerfectPitch will create value for companies in a myriad of ways.

By giving employees the ability to point out inefficiencies and present solutions quickly, companies can eliminate overhead and invest in ways to actually improve workflow. If workers feel like they are being heard and their ideas can be implemented, this will improve employee satisfaction. It will help overcome the stratification of huge corporate structures and give platforms to the best ideas, without overloading managers.

Supervisors will be greeted with a filtered list of initiatives that are most favorable to the people who know the company best- the employees. The promoted projects system will expose supervisors to new, fresh ideas from all levels of the company without an overflowing inbox. They can quickly sift through ideas and pick out their favorites before approving the initiative or calling them in for an in-person presentation, saving time in the long run.

Created By Michael Jan, Kate Majidzadeh, Anthony Pitts, and Alexander Wang for DuckHacks 2019 at Stevens Institute of Technology

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