Our goal is to create a feature that will provide hassle free inflight and after flight experiences to the customer. what kind of inflight experiences? you can buy magazines,seats exchange, ordering food, calling we will charge for particular service from the customer. what kind of after flight experiences? you can book hotels,cabs,book parties vistara will act like a broker they gonna charges 2 or 3 dollar extra from the customer to book the hotels or cabs or parties from the customer

What it does

Generally many people travel in flights and they just simply play candy crush or read some kind of books but we provided a solution where user can buy various things from the website like it could be anything like food and all. we are gaining the money from the customer in that mean free time and providing the hassle free experience to the customer.It will be benificial for vistara as well as the customer

How this thing gonna work:

we will implement the whole webiste on local host and the particular person will acess that webiste by opening the ip on their laptop or in their mobile phone. Inflight: customer buy the various things from the website like free or paid magazines,foods,seat change and vistara will generate revenue from it After Flight:we have to give the x dollars to the make my trip or any kind of hotel or cabs booking app and we will charge the (2x dollar + hotel or cabs price) from the customers for that hotel.

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