Why Am I Inspired to do CareerTasting?

After building motorbikes and tree houses in my childhood I was working in a farm taking care of baby-cows as a summer job during my teen years. Fast forward. I was a lecturer in Electrical Engineering during my PhD studies between 2006-2008. Then I tasted entrepreneurship in 2008 by creating online popular scientific magazine. Then become a founder of a cleantech startup in 2010. Then I changed the industry in 2012. Then was hired CEO in a smart mobility startup in 2013. Became a founder again in 2014. Switched industry in 2015. U-turn in 2016. And again 2018. In 2020 becoming a founder again! As you can see career transitions has been my everyday

What is the need out there?

In the current crisis when many people are forced to make a career change one of the primary needs we have identified is that people do not really know their strengths that they can build their careers on.

We have done qualitative face to face interviews in San Diego, Singapore, Germany and Estonia. We have also conducted online targeted surveys among professionals between 25-35 in the US. We have found that 73% of young professionals are in search for better career fit and higher career satisfaction.

People think they have blind sports about some of their innate strengths and they are seeking for higher self awareness to build better career path. This is understandable because discovering one’s strengths is tricky and we are not often convinced that what we see as our strengths corresponds to how others see that.

The Solution

The target for this global hackathon is to develop a feedback tool for identifying one’s signature strengths. This is a logical starting point as career management needs to be aligned with the very core of the person. The tool aims to discover your innate aptitudes by revealing your Blind Spots. So the tool raises your self-awareness that is then input for better career planning. The longer vision is to create an AI based Your Personal Professional Advisory

The tech side of things so far

It's been built using a mix of Wordpress, Symphony and MySQL. This is not carved in stone.

Couple of challenges so far

  1. The smoothness of Usability of the video course
  2. High quality content creation articles/videos can be costly and relatively slow
  3. Getting good amount of traffic is not an easy task

Things I'm proud of

  • The site is up and running and measuring every move of every visitor
  • The Career Quiz segments people into 18 segments
  • Massive keyword research & analysis is the basis of the content creation
  • Some of the custom development is also done that needs UX magic
  • Its the right timing is right for career coaching to be (semi)automated

What's next for CareerTasting aka Your Super-Power Identifier

  • Let's optimize the user flows, so UX person is required
  • Let's implement the UX/UI into the code - so front-end / full-stack developer is appreciated
  • Let's create an online video course in native English, so English speaking coach is needed
  • Let's put everything in front of the people and measure the engagement so 3 marketers needed
  • We need coaching along the way, so coaches and industry people super welcome

Talk to you soon ^-^ Rando -> rando@careertasting.com

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