In the age of COVID, going to movie theatres is out of the question, as a result, we all have resorted to using our computers to watch movies. Our plan was to develop a Computer Vision based attention monitoring system to aid your quarantine movie-watching experience
Our Computer Vision model will work in harmony with VLC media player, prompting it to execute actions such as pause/play depending on whether the user is paying attention to his monitor/screen or not.

What it does?

  1. Our application keeps track of the attention of the user while watching any media on VLC media player and controls the media (play/pause) based on the users' attention
  2. Whenever the user is distracted from his screen our application automatically detects this and pauses the media. Similarly, when the user gets his attention back onto the screen the application resumes the media.

Example situations where our Application will be useful

  1. User falling asleep while watching a movie
  2. When the user has to attend a call in between a movie or some media
  3. If the user has to attend an emergency chore

How We built it


Accomplishments that we are proud of

  1. Learnt how to monitor human activity using Computer Vision
  2. Learnt how to control VLC media player using python script

What's next for Perfect-Pause

  1. Develop a Desktop/Command-line Application
  2. We plan to add a hand gesture controlling feature to our application which would enhance the user experience

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