When you pick out a college to attend, a solid beginning leads to a perfect ending. Not all students are created equal, and that goes double for the places that foster them. Each one needs to know that the place they are going to learn is safe, affordable, on par with their skill level, and up to their standards. We call this app the Perfect College app not because the Perfect College exists, but because hardworking alumni need the perfect fit to make their dreams come true.

What it does

The best tools are often the most basic. The hammer is little more then a blunt rock on a stick. The computer is little more then an intricate abacus of electric switches. The perfect college system is little more then a web server that accesses data on available colleges based on about three criteria; your major, your location, and your SAT score. In a world that prides itself on overloading the users with more info then they could even possible use all at once, less is more. You know what you want. All you need is to find it.

How we built it

We make a data sorting algorithm using the Flask template and constructed a user interface out of nothing but HTML and CSS. The file index.html welcomes you with a beautiful splash page which gives you a clear and concise selection which brings you to the data you need.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, given the time frame of the competition and the fact that most of our teammates were not able to participate fully, we were unable to fix a critical technical error that seems to prevent that beautiful web page from accessing actual data. We do have a database algorithm on the ready with over 7600 colleges on it with their information listed. Its just not accessible at this time, unfortunately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be able to find so much data in such a short amount of time using online resources and make a beautiful web pages that works... sort of.

What we learned

Your only as good as your weakest link, and there are always strength in numbers. We hit serious snags once one of our teammates jumped ship, and even more problems where one person had to fill in the shoes of another without the right information and skillset. Also worth noting; communication is everything!

What's next for Perfect College

Well, since the prototype itself doesn't really work, that would be the next step. We have the idea, we have the passion, and the audience is certainly there. Its only a matter of putting it together to make a finished project.

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