Team: The Bufficorns

Peregrines work in groups when hunting.


We needed a tool like this in our company, and thought it would be useful for the crypto space in general - for other businesses, organizations, governments, etc, it would provide an obvious utility for multi-party decisions and fund management.

What it does

It provides a nice interface for interacting with multi-signature smart contracts - for creating "Proposals" which require sign off by multiple parties, that allow you to send not only Ether, but execute functionality on other smart contracts.

How we built it

We focussed heavily on UI/UX, as we had two designers on the team. We also used Elm, a statically and strongly typed pure functional frontend language, along with the elm-ethereum library (authored by one of our team members) to confidently interact with the blockchain. We also used Infura, Ganache, Coincap's API, and MakerDAO's DAI stablecoin as a "contract interaction" example. We relied heavily on a DappHub contract called DSGroup. (

Challenges we ran into

Ledger HW wallet is quite finicky to work with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mostly, getting two good nights of sleep, which is unusual for most hackathon teams. Working fast. Picking the right tools to allow us to work fast with confidence.

What we learned

UI Mock ups are really important. Project management and delegating tasks properly. Getting enough sleep and good food to function at high levels is important.

What's next for Peregrine

Polish up the app and show it off to others! Allow more complex smart contract proposal interactions. Store proposal metadata on IPFS.

WyoHackathon Challenges Submitted

  • ConsenSys
  • MakerDAO DAI
  • Best Government Blockchain Solution
  • ShapeShift/CoinCap/Keepkey

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