Pediatrician, Eric, who works in the PER department at McMaster's childrens hospital wanted a reliable source of health information for families and their children. He requested a mobile application that would educate families and their children.

What it does

Two informational databases: one for children and one for adults. Children can also play a game to test their knowledge.

How we built it

Android studio, Photoshop CC with inklet tablet, Paint

Challenges we ran into

Merging code together- did not have time to use Github and made it difficult. Trying to incorporate everybody's strengths, huge learning curve for everyone on the team who were making an app for the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Elementary programmers learned application development and created a skeleton app in a short timeline that pleased the client. -Some team members were introduced to graphic design by a team member who had familiarity with this aspect. -Dedication of team members

What we learned

-Improvement: Need to make a comprehensive plan before getting started - timelines, better assignment of tasks -Improvement: Use GITHUB to not run into merging issues. -Application development concepts, design concepts, group work skills.

What's next for PERdocs

Design aspects and visual incorporation of Graphic designs made in Photoshop. Finish both databases. Incorporation of a rewards program for the children's component (for example, when they finish a module they show the doctor and receive a popsicle).

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