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What is Percive ??

Percive is a comprehensive mental health platform that helps users find and access the resources they need to improve their mental well-being. With Percive, users can complete self-assessments, and engage in mindfulness, read and track books, Articles, and much more. Whether you're seeking professional help or just looking for support, Percive provides the tools and resources you need to take charge of your mental health and live your best life.


  • Self-assessment tools

    • Users could take a questionnaire to assess their mental health symptoms and receive a personalized report on their results.
    • There are vairous test to anylize the mental health of the user.
  • Journal

    • Users could write their thoughts and feelings in a journal.
    • Users can record video / audio to better express their thoughts and feelings.
    • Track thier mood, sleep, water, activitys, and whom they met.
  • Book reading tracking

    • Recommend books based on the user's mood.
    • Track the books the user has read.
  • Inspirational Quotes ( Mood specific )

    • Users could read inspirational quotes based on their mood.
    • They can share on social media.
    • Create there own quotes.
  • Articles

    • Users could read articles based on their mood.

Planned Features

  • Meditation
  • Consultation
  • Exersices
  • Alarm
  • Relaxing music
  • Gamification

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What stack is Percive built on?

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👇 Prerequisites

🛠️ Installation

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone the repository git clone
  3. Run npm i to install all dependencies
  4. Run npm run dev to start the application
  5. Visit https://localhost:3000 to view the application

🛡️ License

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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