an attempt towards finding a solution for the new contributors so that they can decide the project on which they want to do the work.

What it does

it tries to fetch the required data using metabob API and display it using graphs and brief data so that user can understand the problem and choose accordingly

How we built it

We build it using html5 , css3 , vanilla javascript, chart.js library and metabob API

Challenges we ran into

At first we were unable to understand the purpose and schemas of api , but with time and some trials we got succeded in understanding the purpose of API and tried to made a visualizing project on it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was our first hackathon with such good and confusing API, but we are happy that we tried and succeeded in making something useful out of it .

What we learned

for the first time, we were facing a large number of API requests and tried to fetch user data from API. In this process, we failed a lot of times, but at last, we are glad we created something meaningful out of it.

What's next for PERCEIVER

Future plans for perceiver is that we are going to fetch more data using provided URL and integrate more features in our project.

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