Nowadays, schools put more emphasis on group work than individual work. Assessing individually is relatively easy; whereas, evaluating group work is quite difficult because it could create dissatisfaction and unfairness among teammates depending on their contribution to the work.

What it does

We have developed a channel where evaluators can easily monitor their students’ work individually and collectively. Besides, teammates can even evaluate one another. Our grade evaluating system is more transparent, reliable and fair both for teachers and students. This would be the ultimate solution to the current grade assessing system and will benefit many of the users.

How we built it

Web front-end is developed by Angular5 framework and Android application is developed by Kotlin. Back-end server is developed by Flask and uses MySQL as Database. PER4MANCE uses the Rakuten's three APIs: QRCode, Mailgun, OneSignal API.

Challenges we ran into

Team members who started the project had limitations on developing ability. The team was in need of being informed and educated to ask a proper questions to start the project. Also, the project is targeting two different customer segments, and each customer interacts with different app & web. This led us to challenge how to manage data and calculate those and reflect it back with each interfaces.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created prototypes of app and web for students and evaluators to use. This provides the basis for collecting data on whether our team project scoring solution will work properly in the field in the future. And I'm proud of the fact that I was able to actually implement the solution in a limited time, which many people would need.

What we learned

Thanks to the numerous mentoring, we were able to concrete our vision. Before, it was just an idea to benefit people. After the mentoring, we were able to navigate our speech much more direct; we specified the target customers and finally come up with the possible business models. Also, we learned fast prototyping is the best way to tune team member’s opinion and deliver the message efficiently.

What's next for PER4MANCE

PER4MANCE will be launched. After the development, it will be frequently updated as it experiences the new groups of people in education field. PER4MANCE is also considering to expend a business area; PER4MANCE will challenge to analyze the data collected from the students and give it back to them as a translated and meaningful portfolio.

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