Getting reliable and quality knowledge is important in the current information overload era. One of the best ways is to have a professional teacher(s) as an instructor. Highly appreciated teachers are often busy, concentrated on a small number of universities and highly priced. So for many students, their knowledge can be hard to reach because of distance and price. A rising trend in the education field is having online courses that resolves these problems. But compared to real life lessons, they lack personal approach and empathy. Pepper-sensei is designed to fill that cap and take the remote learning to a new level.

What it does

Pepper-sensei connects teachers and students from distant geographical location to work together. Pepper acts as an extension to a teacher and communicates to the students with gestures like a regular teacher would do by pointing at things to pay attention to and gesturing while explaining new concepts to the students. As the communication is designed to take place in real time, students also get the chance to ask questions and get answers from the real teacher with the intermediation of Pepper sensei. This allows a teacher to have several sessions at the same time in geographically different locations. It also allows students to connect to many different teachers from round the world and learn from then.

How we built it

We created it by mixing the possibilities of Pepper development tools like the Python API and Choregraphe, IBM Bluemix, natural language classification API and HTML tools to realise Pepper sensei

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges were about how to realise the interaction between students and teachers remotely and how to represent in the best possible way to create emotional connection between geographically distant persons. Technically, the most challenging part was working with the voice recognition of Pepper.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Concept and the vision Pepper sensei and the impact it can have on taking the remote learning experience to a new level.

What we learned

Pepper APIs and how to combine different technologies for one project.

What's next for Pepper sensei

Development of the platform connecting students, teachers and Pepper senseis to a co-working system and innovating the learning experience

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