we have done all we can. That's all we want to say.

What it does

We thought. Pepper , What do you want to do? We thought. Pepper, Do you really want to serve customers? So, As one suggestion, We suggest to work at theme park. As a cast.

Why Pepper? Not Personnel expenses. Why Pepper? Pepper is very sweet to anyone. In other words…Gender equality. Why Pepper? So, Pepper is pretty face lol.

This time,we had make to Pepper’s attraction.

This is … adventure with Pepper by VR.

1.Experiences is take on HMD,and ride on boat(Bathtub),and have a controller. ※image1 2.The experienced person got into a boat(Bathtub). ※image2 3.Experience moves forward to use the controller.The boat model also moves forward. 4.If experience to reach the Pepper, So game clear. ※iumage3 Such as ambiguing reality and digital.

How I built it

We are 4 people set up a team, So, Unity engineer, Signal engineer, Hardware engineer, Scenario writer. Setting the communication environment by Bluemix, Making the main game by Unity, And bring the boat(Bathtub)

Challenges I ran into

Pepper’s New way of working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Never before, I was able to find a new possibility of Pepper…To feel like.

What I learned

Bathtub, it was heavy.

What's next for Pepper's hello work

What Pepper can not do(can not walk, can not fast move etc), I want to think. We can use it as a good point.

Thank you!

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