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Learning about radically different and complex new concepts such in domain of is most often overwhelming and frustrating.

How to onboard the rest of the world to decentralized technology especially those not really tech-savy like the guy next door, who may have heard about terms cryptocurrency or blockchain somewhere, sometime and most likely will never try it out?

Also, we were thinking quite a lot in the direction of the solution greater good (social or environmental impact).

In order to make it as smooth, easy and simple, we took advantage of a common daily routine for most people, such as going to a supermarket and returning beverage packaging every week, in order to subtly inject new use-cases into already trained behavior so they don't have to do anything different than usual.

A small difference: for receiving a change for their empty bottles, consumers can automatically receive cryptocurrency equivalent into their virtual wallet. The change would most likely be spent right away, and this way, small yet recurring amounts get safely stored.

What it does

After users sign up for Pepito, they receive a membership card per post, containing their name, user number, and a QR code. In a separate post / e-mail they receive their unique authentication code to access the wallet. Such card could be also stored to Apple Wallet, saved as picture.

In a more advanced form, customers would sign up for service on an in-store terminal with help of the promoter and receive the membership card immediately.

Prior to inserting bottles inside the vending machine, customers should scan their card to link deposit with their account. Deposit is automatically converted to crypto. Afterwards they can check the status of total deposits on their wallet.

How we built it - demo

We built two simple apps, one that will reside in the bottle return machine and one that is for the returner. Before scanning the bottles, the machine asks for your address which will be given by a card or the phone. Instead of returning a piece of paper that you can return at the register for money, the amount is transferred with iota to the account of the returner.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a viable yet not too obvious idea / application of decentralised techologies, while creating something fun and customer-centred.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing this idea - before this variant, we ran through 8-10 concepts focusing on usability, real-life use case, and different industries.

What's next for Pepito

Creating a web-based interface that simplifies the look of wallet: shows total deposit collected in the crypto form and in EUR equivalency, enables to invest collected deposit or setup custom recurring deposits into an investment portfolio. For that, we could utilize Alchemi solution.

Additional cool features:

  • allowing users can choose to transfer their funds into a charity/cause/NGO of their choice.
  • chatbot glossary that helps users understand the decentralised concepts and terminology better.

Potential monetization strategy

  • partnership with supermarkets and small shops (using their existing infrastructure or hand code scanners) - could be similar to DHL model with local parcel shops
  • partnership with recycling vendors
  • service fee for investments
  • marketing, ads

Built With

  • iota
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