When the haters hate, sometimes all we want to do is... _ put our arms out, start spinning, and fly away. _

As we grow older, our imagination and creativity are supressed by our environment.

So, don't you miss the sun after it sets too?

What it does

This simple mobile game is a reminder to continue to follow your dreams. Sometimes days are dark, but the sun is always just over the horizon.


The game starts out on a start page where you get to see Pepper Peppa Pep-Pep Peppy in all her glory for the first time! You can't miss Pep-Pep with her bright orange Pepper Sweater (which keeps her hotter than a jalapeño when it's cold out), pink daisy tutu, and green-as-a-pepper-stem hair. Peppa loves the sunset, and hates negative clouds. She can spin so fast that she can fly, and that talent is what makes it possible for her to chase the sunsets. Help Pep-Pep achieve her dreams!

How we built it

This game was lovingly built with Unity and Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into and accomplishments that we're proud of

Our initial idea was completely different and involved using an Oculus Rift. After several laptops and a couple Oculus Rifts failed on us, we were stuck in a pickle. Luckily, Arpi pulled though with a spontaneous idea about a spinning-flying-pepper, and Pep-Pep was born. We all loved the concept of Peppa so much that any amount of suffering from learning how to use Unity for the first time was worth it.

What we learned

Unity doesn't work well at all with version control and the animations take ~27 years to complete (But it was all worth it for Pepper <3). Many thanks to the Flappy Bird tutorial, the Zynga Unity Workshop and all the employees for putting up with our questions, the Oculus Rift dude (for trying), and the Google employees for helping us port our game to the web! With the help of our friends and the internet, our dreams came true!

What's next for [pep-pep]

With your help, Pep-Pep will fly further than her wildest hopes and dreams!

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