Short Summary

Peoples Forum is a platform developed for the Pacific to voice their opinion & share info about topics of importance, challenges & opportunities and jointly agree and contribute to the discussion. The Peoples Forum has various unique features, some of which are: Scraping Bot to retrieve latest updates on the platform Dashboard -Anti-profanity bot to blur out sensitive content -Discussions with Up-votes and Down-votes

  • Search through past discussions easily with a search bar
  • Add comments to discussions
  • Using Tags to highlight keywords of the discussion
  • Follow discussions and get notifications
  • API support for extensibility to other platforms such as mobile app For traceability and accountability – Peoples Forum logs the discussions. Also, to encourage the people to input their opinions and views and interact more, the platform has a Ranking system whereby the users are ranked on 5 levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and the highest ranking, which is Patriot.


The need for a common platform for the people to contribute their ideas and opinions and jointly agree on topics of concern, opportunities and challenges is what led us to develop the Peoples Forum. The Peoples Forum lets users add discussions, vote the discussions, either Up-vote or Down-vote, as well as adding comments under the discussions. The platform allows users to follow discussions of interest which will notify them whenever comments have been added to the discussion. In order to provide a safe platform, an anti-profanity bot is developed to blur sensitive content. To keep the people updated with latest insights, a scraping feature has been added which brings latest updates for the users on the Forum home page. Not only that, but to encourage users to contribute more, we also developed a mathematical algorithm to Rank users based on their votes.

How we built it

This project was built in 3 days where we used tools such as Laravel, JavaScript and Python for various tasks such as scraping, designing and making mathematical logics based on database results, also API based applications was used to test if our application would work on various platforms

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge faced was on the overall appearance of the Forum, whereby it required a lot of thought process to come up with pleasing color combinations and designs. Overall, it was all part of our learning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the achievements we have got through Peoples Forum, especially learning about various tools used to develop the forum

What's next for Peoples Forum

we are looking at adding more features which will enhance the usability and accessibility of the application features such as: i) An online chat room integrated to the platform for quick discussions ii) A virtual space for members to socialize in.


please note the link provided to view the app is hosted from my home laptop which i made public for the purpose of this demo -if for some reason the app does not work please contact me and i will restart my webserver on my laptop

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