The inspiration to make this chat app was come into my mind a long time ago. We all know that from the very beginning of this over the year and non-terminating pandemic situation have made us quarantine. For this the only way to connect with our friends and family left was to connect virtually. So, social media and other online platforms had become the most necessary part of our lives. In this context chatting platform has become mandatory for us. So, I've got the inspiration to make a multiusers chatting app with different rooms or channels they like.

What it does

It is a similar app of discord bot. It's a multiuser app with multiple rooms. A user can join and select his/her room and start chatting. The features-

  1. Multiuser chatting app
  2. Welcome message whenever you enter
  3. Notification whenever someone joined the room
  4. Any time can leave room

How I built it

I built this using mainly node.js, express.js,, HTML, CSS and javascript. Upload the files in got repository and deployed it on Heroku to host in live server.

Challenges I ran into

While working on the server and client part using we faced challenges to get responses and requests. In order to get the Real-time I have used moment package and it was a challenging area for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm feeling proud to make this app all alone just by see the documentation of

What I've learned

I've leanrt to make a chatbot which is similar to discord.

What's next for PeopleCord

It's a smaller version of discord app. I want to give special thanks to GIT Hackathon mentor and organizer team to encourage me to build such an awesome project.

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