This mobile app was created during the fall HackPSU 2015 at University Park, PA. During this 24-hour hackathon, Invent Penn State presented the challenge of solving a problem or building a resource for incubators and co-working spaces.

What it does

Motivation usually comes in short bursts for many people at non-predictable times.

When this moment in time arrives, we want people to have a chance to act on this feeling before it becomes a missed opportunity. A missed link between interesting projects and prospective individuals is a total loss on both sides. We aim to solve this problem by expediting the initial interaction between these parties. A person that's either looking for collaborators to their own project or to join another person's project may use People2Projects to instantly start the search for existing endeavours or available expertise in their surrounding area, and commit to their motivation pretty much on command.

This app will allow individuals to search up local projects at any time, which makes it a potential utility to many groups of people including college campuses, larger companies, and one's surrounding community in general.

How we built it

We started to form our idea while attending the mobile app development workshops offered at the hackathon, where we walked through the basics of developing software in Android Studio. At the end of the workshops we had agreed on a challenge, and started developing something originally envisioned as a "Tinder-style matching application" between people and projects. Equivalent efforts were spent in both iOS and Android by different team members through the night, with the intention of eventually adding a multi-platform aspect to our application and reach out to as many people as possible.

Challenges we ran into

The main problems we spent a lot of time on mostly involved the compatibility and cooperation between different programs we used. Figuring out how to collaborate on Github as a 5-person team through Android Studio took a lot of time, as well as creating and integrating a back-end for the application in Firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We experienced what it's like to successfully collaborate in a 5-man team solely through version control, and we were able to join together our work from

What we learned

We learned techniques for efficient team collaboration in Github, as well as the basics of how to link together work developed in different languages.

What's next for People2Projects

Integrating the iOS and Android parts of our application through a common back-end would be the next big step in the development of People2Projects.

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