I’ve heard and seen stories behind people who are too timid or unsure of their abilities to take action and battle imposter’s syndrome, speak out against micro-aggressions, or overcome anxiety attacks. I’ve also heard and seen stories of those who have. And hearing those stories, we somehow, magically, gain the courage to face and overcome these adversities.

We want these stories to highlight that most people aren’t born as a top hacker, as a hackathon director, a startup founder, or anything of the sorts. Everyone faces adversity -- adversity that is integral to their growth, and adversity that is necessary in creating change.

By sharing these stories, from failures to successes and everything in between, we hope to create a community that is honest, open, and willing to support each other through their adversities. That is the greatest strength our community has to offer. We want to let people know that they are not alone.

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