The Idea

When people make choices on who to vote for they need to know what good the candidates intend to effect. What are people generally pleased or displeased with. In order to do that, I want to gather public opinion based on the issues and the candidates in question (Twitter), and have that data analysed in order to build the direction of sway of sentiments, and that way make those issues items that need to be better addressed by the candidates. By highlighting the topics and issues that people are dissatisfied with I hope to get the candidates in question addressing those issues and identifying how they are going to make an impact in those specific areas.

The Impact

We often get elections being held and the actual issues affecting people not being addressed. This project has the potential to change this significantly, making elections more issues-driven rather than focusing on petty things such as ethnic alliances and religious sentiments.

What is needed to execute

People who are genuinely interested in solving this problems. Anyone who has good ideas on how to make this work. Data scientists, developers, ui/ux people, anyone with good ideas.

Social Plans for the project

I am hopeful that the product built over the weekend can be improved upon and the service can be extended to be production-ready so it can be hosted online and tested for the upcoming elections in Nigeria in 2019.

Commercial Plans for the project

None at the moment, but if this makes it successful why not

Built With

  • apis
  • backend
  • frontend
  • mobile
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