Inspiration and Functioning

The project is made for students to live a better and feel safer in the cities they live in. Walking alone on a street at 11pm in the night with no one visible around can be scary, hence we've built the application 'People' that helps you to connect with people nearby who may be out of sight and in the process make new friends in the real world too!

How I built it

The project is developed in the form of a native iOS application in Swift! The application also uses Firebase to connect to the servers and give features that are present nowhere else on the application store. The application makes effective use of core location services and mapkit api to give the students/users a very intuitive interface to use and has many code logics implemented to respect the privacy of every user of the application.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Building this noble idea while also retaining the privacy of students to the utmost level.
  2. Determining which students can be grouped to walk together and building the algorithm for that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud of-

  1. Being able to come up with a highly original idea that solves a very real problem in a very simple and noble way.
  2. Being able to complete the project while overcoming all of the major challenges listed above.
  3. Building something that tackles and improves the lives of all the students in any ways and also addresses phone addiction.

What I learned

  1. Being fortunate enough to have been able to talk to many teams, hackers, mentors and sponsors about our idea and its implementation to realise that this is something that resonates with almost everyone (especially women) and not just our team.
  2. Developing the flow of the product to make is simple, intuitive and private at the same time.

What's next for People

  1. ML based model to show better list of people to connect with.
  2. Sharing of your location with your family and close friends.
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