We were inspired by technologies that change color rendering to ease eye strain.

What it does

Penumbra is a chrome extension that inverts bright colors of videos in the browser, allowing users to play videos in "dark mode" while preserving the color scheme of the rest of the browser.

How we built it

Penumbra was built as a chrome extension, and uses React to modify webpage elements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Penumbra successfully inverts the colors of videos, including those which are live streamed. Our "smart inversion" tool preserves color hues, and maintains desired aesthetics of the original video better than some other color inversion technologies.

What we learned

We all learned how to build a chrome extension for the first time. For some of our team members, it was our first experience using react and figma.

What's next for Penumbra

We are considering functionality that would prevent Penumbra from inverting videos that are already recorded with a dark color scheme. At the moment, the user needs to manually toggle inverter. We also plan to publish Penumbra to the chrome web store to make installation easier. Further improvements may include sensing and darkening of quick flashing sequences to help epileptic viewers.

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