We needed a way to teach people the standard hacker methodology using a repeatable GUI

What it does

PENTESTON® is a cyber security vulnerability assessment workbench, also known as a hacking platform, that is used by individuals, businesses and services providers. PENTESTON quickly snaps into a pre-configured cyber-range allowing easy selection of the right tool for the job. Engage a single system or multiple targets to determine if identified technical risk presents a threat to your business. For large projects, collaborate with multiple team members, import and enter manual findings to a centralized QA resource

How I built it

Started as a training project teaching OWASP Top 10 and expanded

Challenges I ran into

Needs vs. Wants. Pentesting is a manual sport... So the tool had to save TIME and provide outputs for manual processing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrations with SecurityScorecard and many others in the community

What I learned

RedTeams and BlueTeams need effective workspaces that are both collaborative and functional

What's next for PENTESTON®

We are sprinting in a very agile way to improve the tool

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