Learning a language is often difficult, especially for those who have a grasp of the fundamentals of the language, but hit the wall the comes to developing their comprehension. Without an immersive environment or a dedicated teacher, resources to self-learn at higher levels are limited. This application serves as a resource by providing a language learner with reading material that is appropriate for their level, with a built-in translator to assist with newly encountered words.

The application works as follows:

  • The user gets a diagnostic reading level test of a passage in the language they are trying to learn.
  • The user rates the passage difficulty
  • The application adjusts to display new passages at an appropriate comprehension level


  • Color highlighting of words that are unfamiliar to the user
  • From article to article, unknown words are persistent so that the user can keep track of what they don't know
  • Vocabulary list stored for easy follow-up
  • Hover over translation for each word
  • Mail digest of words that you have selected as unknown
  • Articles parsed dynamically from online source.

  • Article and word rating is still in progress

We wish to create a middle ground for people to keep their reading skill up to date with context, because we all know that a story will help us remember things more.

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