As financially irresponsible college students, we decided to make a project that would curve our habit of overspending.

What it does

Penny Pincher is a budgeting app that calculates your monthly expenses, helps you make a budget, plan to afford a costly item, and even build a 5-year-plan.

How I built it

It was built using Google AppEngine and Google's DialogFlow API platform.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a way to change the interface of the chatbot, and integrate it into the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The development of our app features, both short and long-term. This is a project that will continue after hackathon.

What I learned

Utilizing the DialogFlow API and what exactly goes into financial planning.

What's next for Penny Pincher

Complete development of the app. Penny Pincher is just getting started, we will deepen the range of the DialogFlow API, present visual data reports of monthly+ finances, and eventually connect to banks to use the account summary data for better financial analysis and advisement.

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