It started as the first 2D game I ever made using Visual Basic sometime back around 2006. Evolved into a 3d world in 2011 using Alice. And has been restarted and tweaked countless times since in Unity.

What it does

It's a 1v1 couch game where you play against your friends to see who can score the most in 3 minutes.

How I built it

For this version, I designed the entire game in Unity, and some of the models in blender. Designed for PC with PlayStation dualshock 4 controllers connected via Bluetooth.

Challenges I ran into

The timing of the game took the longest. After I finished the basic logic and game play, we spent hours testing it by playing against each other at different speeds, player sizes, arena sizes, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made this game with 2 basic goals in mind. First, I wanted a game that you can play locally when your buddies come over and really get in each others face (like how most N64 games are). Secondly, I wanted the game to be fast paced and have that simple yet aggressive feel of juking backing and forth like in most sports games.

What's next for Ska Dibs

I am working on adding online multiplayer support and getting the game prepped and ported for the PlayStation 4.

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