We aim to optimize the Penn-Affiliated transportation system in a way that will increase its efficiency and usage within the Penn community.

What it does

In a survey of the Penn students, over 70% had never ridden any form of Penn-affiliated transport. A significant reason for this is a lack of awareness about the stops, schedules, and availability of the different transportation methods. PennGO's goal is twofold -- to increase usage of Penn-affiliated transport through a mobile application and redesigning the system to fit users' needs. The application will allow users to input their starting and ending location and receive a list of ranked routes for a student to best get from point A to point B. The application will incorporate live tracking data of the Penn, Drexel, and SEPTA Lucy buses. Using the data generated from this app on travel habits in the Penn community as well as estimated demand generated from analysis of mobility in the Penn community, we will make recommendations to the University about the best way to design their transportation system to eliminate overlap between Penn, Drexel, and SEPTA, and divert those extra resources to underutilized routes. We can also recommend new routes to help Penn design a transportation system that helps the most students in faculty in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. This tool can be scaled to any transportation system.

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