Event organizers list schedules on their website and/or print out pamphlets but the reality is people miss out on cool opportunities because keeping track of or repeatedly checking a piece of paper is HARD in this day and age.

What it does

The user takes a picture of a schedule. The image is converted to a digital agenda which is used to send push notifications to the user as the events come up.

How I built it

After grabbing the image that the user has taken, we detect the text in the image using HP's IDOL On Demand API. After this, we run a series of String manipulation algorithms that we programmed ourselves to parse the text into the appropriate columns. Once the user checks off which events they want to be notified about, we cache them locally and begin a service that will send periodic notifications about the events.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the optical character recognition API and writing the algorithm for parsing table data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The image processing is dynamic, meaning any list-style agenda can be digitized in our app.

What I learned

How to use OCR to convert images into text, how to develop an algorithm & how to use GitHub effectively as a team.

What's next for

More efficient OCR! More efficient parsing algorithm! Desktop notifications! Integration with Google Calendar! Integration with Slack! iOS app!

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