The pitch

Shop-buddy focuses on learning consumer shopping habits and providing future real time notifications and suggestions as to what the user should buy. Along with providing alerts in regards to any previous products the user has bought, we also suggest other related products consumers may be interested in.
All you have to to do is scan your desired product (either in a web browser or on your mobile phone) and a click later, you are purchasing your deodorant or paper towel! Keep in mind that the more you buy from our interface, the more the system will learn about your habits and provide text alerts and notifications in the future. We have an easy visual represntation system that allows users to view a calendar of previous scanned items as well as when you should be purchasing new items.

We feel that this system can revolutionize how people shop. Instead of traveling to a grocery store every sunday night with a list of what you think you need, just use Shop-buddy! It will remind you to buy your low-stock items in your house only when you need them, and its a simple scan-and-click away from having that 2 day Amazon Prime shipping. It is quick, easy to use and has a clean interface for any demographic of customers!

How we built it

Linode: Utilized an Ubuntu 14.04 virtual server to run our entire code base. The Apache web server (including our PHP, HTML5, Javascript, etc.) and associated APIs were built into the linux environment.
.CO: Registered our domain to point to the previously mentioned Linode server.
Goldman-Sachs: Our system is cloud based and therefore can run on any mobile or web enabled device!
Twilio: How do we notify our users that its time for them to submit their groceries for the week? We use Twilio of course! Twilio's services allow us to send SMS with embedded links to immediately click and pay for the products that users will be needing in the near future
Venture for America: We believe our system can truly change the way people shop and purchase goods. Why go out to the store every Sunday evening or have to worry about creating a grocery list? Our system is able to identify, based on user habits, what users need and when they need it before they even know it!
Amazon Web Services: Shop-buddy directy interfaces with Amazon's Web Services to display product information. After obtaining the UPC code from the product's barcode, we also utilize Amazon's Item Lookup and Item Search web features to find and display the correct product.

What's next for Shop-Buddy

The list of included features is only a small portion of what we originally imagined. With further development we can easily add:

  • One-Click Amazon Checkout
  • Entire cart suggestions and purchases
  • Desktop notifications

In addition, we would love to build up and include better machine learning algorithms to truly understand and learn what to display to our users.

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