PennApps 2020 Project: Claudia Fernandes, Harun Buljina, Jack Chen, Katie Pizziketti Tentative Project Name: STuINDER

The Penn Master's of Computer and Information Technology Online program is a fully-online Master's program for professional students without computer science backgrounds. The program benefits from asynchronous learning resources including pre-recorded lectures and independent work. However, many students benefit tremendously from synchronous connections to other students in the program; yet, the international nature of the program makes it difficult to connect with other students at the same time. We created this study group finder to reduce the organizational burden of setting up study groups for our program by abstracting away the difficult task of finding a single time to meet. STuINDER not only locates other students who are learning the same material, but suggests possible meeting times and automatically sends an email to match students to a study group.

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